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For those who are not yet sure, here are ten more questions for you to find your Indian identity.

  1. If your gold tooth filling is your only dental expense, you are still an Indian.
  2. If you put your ears on your digital wrist watch to make sure it is working, you are still an Indian.
  3. If you wait for rain to wash your car, you are still an Indian.
  4. If you ask your Indian waitress which part of India she is from, you are still an Indian.
  5. If you ask a stranger whether they are married within five minutes of conversation, you are still an Indian. (more…)

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Are you an Indian living in America? Or are you a person of Indian origin? Do you waste a lot of time trying to shade your Indian identity? Or you do everything to cling to it? If you are either of those, we can help. We have developed Simple Home Identity Test for you. Whether you doubt your closeness to Indian root or you deny all connections you have you can take the Simple Home Identity Test sitting in the comfort of your own home. If you are thinking it would cost you days or even months to find out, you are wrong. You do not need days, or even hours, or even minutes. If you take the test online now, you can get the result for amazingly low investment of 19.99 sec per session. So why wait, find out for sure if you are DESI (despite emigration still Indian).


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