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If you are one of those who have problem spotting an engineer, your problem may be finally over. If you are one of those who have hard time separating engineers from human, please read on. There is good news: with little information it is easy to spot an engineer.

Evolutionary Background: First of all, engineers belong to a subspecies of homo sapiens called homo sheepean since they share lot of their traits with the similarly named quadrupedal ruminant mammals. Though they have almost identical DNA structure of human, they are a separate branch in the evolutionary path. The three fundamental features – tool making, use of language for communication, and walking straight – that propelled human evolution are not exactly shared by the home sheepean. Though engineers excel in tool making, they lack the ability to use language for communication and hell bent on moving away from standing up – neither on their own feet nor for their convection. As a result, most of their brain is unused and feared to be vestigial expect for the over developed data crunching center in the left brain. Engineers branched out from the human species no more than two centuries ago, and their evolution is still in nascent stage.


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