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112,000 broadband centres would be set up in rural areas across the country, within a year. The government Saturday announced a $2-billion public-private partnership to provide broadband and internet connectivity in country’s rural areas. Union Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia, speaking at Global Telecom Summit here, said that $1.5 billion for the project would be generated from the private sector and the balance would be funded from government sources.

The ministry of communication & IT is also expected to unfold its third generation of mobile phone standards and technology – 3G service – guidelines by June this year. The 3G services are expected to be rolled out by the end of current year. The aim of the these policies is to provide wireless telephone and mobile telephone to every household in rural India by 2010, said the minister.

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The day is long gone, when I had to wait until mid-morning for my father to let go of the only newspaper we used to get. He would come from the market and sit on the veranda with his tea and the paper before going to office. Some days he was late from the market giving us a free access to the paper, but most days by the time I got up for breakfast it was too late. He would let go of the paper not because he was done, but he was getting late for office. He would have another go at it in the evening after his work. By lunch I would be done with the paper, or at least the bits I was interested in, and look forward to the neighbors’ paper which came as a part of post lunch exchange program. Besides these two newspapers, we had nightly news on the TV. In those days, that was all the access to news we had.


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