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Stephen Colbert on Hin-dos and Hin-dont's


Stephen Colbert of Colbert Report steps in to help Obama find a new church (since Barack Obama left Jeremiah Wright’s church) through his feature Stephen Colbert’s Barack Obama Church Search and his divine guidance while he himself explores Hinduism with Hindu Temple Society of North America President Uma Mysorekar.

His suggestion- Should Obama become a Hindu?

CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE VIDEO – to view some Hin-dos and Hin-dont’s from The Colbert Report.

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Obama is preferred over Mc Cain worldwideIndians want Obama as the new President of the United States. In India, Obama leads McCain by 33 to 28 percent, according to the survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project. The survey covered 24,000 people in 24 countries between March 17 and April 21.

Mc Cain is not the preferred candidate in any country except for three where he matches Obama’s popularity- United States, Jordan, and Pakistan. In countries like France, Germany, and Spain Obama is heading with 88% popularity and confidence to do the right thing vote. Margins are narrower in Great Britain though.

Among the people who have been following the election, large majorities in France (68 percent), Spain (67 percent) and Germany (64 percent) say they believe that US foreign policy will improve after the election. This sentiment is also common in the African countries included in the survey – Nigeria (67 percent), South Africa (66 percent) and Tanzania (65 percent). However, in Jordan and Egypt people disagree.

Five years after the start of the war in Iraq, the image of the US abroad remains far less positive than it was before the war and at the beginning of the century. The survey also finds a widespread belief that U.S. foreign policy “will change for the better” after the inauguration of a new American president.

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Mc Cain\'s Vice President ?Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal along with wife Supriya are spending the Memorial Day weekend at Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s ranch in Arizona. There is speculation that Jindal might be called Mc Cain’s Vice President. Mc Cain may present Jindal with the opportunity to speak at the 2008 Republican National Convention, in a similar fashion to Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, cementing a place for him in the party and opening the gate for a future run for the presidency.

At 36, this first-generation Indian-American Rhodes Scholar is America’s youngest governor in a southern state with a long history of racial discrimination.


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