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Here is another letter from J. This is a follow up of his earlier letter on Choice of Bias.

Dear H,

After my last email, I did some investigative reporting – otherwise known as pocking around on Google while at work. The current conventional wisdom is that Indian Americans are spilt between Hillary and Obama. There is a single report by Parveen Chopra based on interviews in NY. But it was reproduced over and over again. From regional media such as South Asian Post and national media such as Deccan Herald to local media such as newKerala and Mangalorean. Of course, the online sources such as Indian eNews and BigNews Network were there too. I even saw the same posting on Indian Muslims. You get the idea. I cannot help but wonder weather the report was widely used because it had important revelation or because it was the only one available? I have not come across another recent article about the topic yet.



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